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Did you know that the color orange was named after the fruit? This and many other trivia facts on your live tile, updated daily. All facts are verified and have a corresponding article. Share the amazing facts with your friends or save for later.

  • Inexhaustible supply of trivia facts, updated daily
  • Live tile shows trivia through the day
  • All trivia facts have verified sources
  • Share via email or social networks
  • Save trivia facts to your favorites
Get it on Google Play Download from Windows Store
  • I love love love trivia. If you do too. You should try out this application. Don't worry this application makes sure to update it daily. That way when you click it, it don't have the same trivia facts you read the day before. You can also favorite some trivia facts that you like. Its free. Just give it a try if trivia is interesting to you too.

  • Live this app, and the fact that if provides sources so you know it is true and it is not just false gimmicks to grab your attention.

  • Simply awesome. Smart, funny,... I can share and save the trivia I like. 5 star 4 sure! A must have!

  • Best trivia app I've found and I have tried them all!

    Dawn Yai Yai